What I did:
brownsugatou is so crazy! I attempted to write a poem today, and it evolved into a song. So, I threw all caution to the wind and completed my first e-book which contains ONE poetry piece/song. Maybe I just wanted to try the Lulu experience. It's done and it's a very nice read. Enjoy, and I'll also keep working on my first book of collected poems.

About the e-book:
"Crazy In Love With You: Poetry Is A Song",
is overflowing with sweet, familiar honesty that was inspired by the challenges of that thing that we call love. You can download this written ONE PIECE WONDER here: "Crazy In Love With You: Poetry Is A Song" for free. You want to sing it? Let's talk business.

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Love T'Ain't A Four Letter Word

It had been years since we last saw each other.
Me, a budding young woman,
And you, a young man scratching the surface of his dreams.

It was the wrong time,
In a warm, serene, atmosphere.
Bittersweet but, filled with
A piece of each other's history.

"Hello, can a brother get a hug?"

I knew from your embrace,
And that kindred smile
That sent my mind to a sensually
Comfortable place,
Where fingers unbutton, caress, and enlace,
That the sin in my grin
Would remain tame.
And the circumference of our
Brief physical closeness
Would soon become a weak flame.

Love is love...
"Play brother how you been?"

But love t'ain't
A four letter word.

Be mindful of the seven deadly sins.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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Daily Affirmations - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Posted using ShareThis

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#tardyfortheparty #FF - A diplomatic way to do a late #FF on twitter.com and have fun with it. Translation - I'm late!

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Today, Inhumane tugged at me,
Spoke to me,
And tore me to the core:
“Teenage girl gang raped outside
A Richmond high school ‘door’.”

The tears stung
My face was numb.
Emotions just clawed at each other.
‘Cause what I physically WANTED to do -
Was dumb.

So I wrote “release”…

“Dumb bastards!”
I screamed.
“That was somebody’s daughter!”

Guess it was a day too late,
For y’all to be taught
That she is a Queen.

“Dumb bastards!”
I screamed.
“You were SOMEBODY'S son!”

You could have been-

NO, it IS too late.

A throne for you?

There is none.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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Great new website to post your poetry and spoken word. Please tell Michellle that brownsugatou sent you! But, don't forget to share your work and give feedback.

SpokenWurd- Your place for expression

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This poem was written by a rising poet and spoken word artist who has graced these pages before. brownsugatou is more than honored to share his gift and his work with you again. Think of this piece as a poetical reminder that stagnation is not an option. Ladies and gentlemen - Jason Mars.

"Wrote a riot today, captured the burning of building that boast understanding. Jotted Juliard on the page, in other words I captured the pen." - Jason Mars


"You were once a pretty puzzle.
What made you this shriveled riddle of ridicule?
Pitiful in every sense of the word.
You went from masterpiece to travesty.
Casually becoming a casualty to time.
Gradually traveling from the safe haven of your mind.

Time has a way of creeping into a bright room
And slowly dimming the lights.
Death crept in killing your youth,
Your blind eyed optimism, replacing it with elderly judgment.

Time manipulates thought processes
Into processing thoughts in a different manner.
You now manage your failures by prematurely counting others out.
You fell victim to doubt, this monster that disguised herself as concern.
You now see young love as a means to aged let downs.
You see a smile as nothing more than the bars that cage ill intent.
You went from must get, to being content.

Time has a way of trapping ones wants, slowly urging neglect.
It slowly wraps reality around the neck like a noose.
You retire after you tire from your attempt at getting loose.
This trap is set in one’s own mind,
We learn to focus on time,
Rather than what we can do during the time we are given.

Clocks corrupt the carefree world that we live in.
And you are now a victim who fell from grace,
Please regain your footing before it's too late."

Copyright 2009
Jason Mars
All Rights Reserved

Now seriously folks, what have you done lately? Remember, stagnation is not an option.
Jason Mars has spoken .

For more on this rising poet and spoken word artist,
Visit his youtube page at: youtube.com/jadenallen
Or see the Q& A w/ Jason Mars: Jason Mars Q & A.

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#sistapoet or #sistapoets... Get it? Got it? Good. Now do it! 

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Yep, blogs get lonely and bored looking at virtual white pages sometimes. As I write these words I wonder if I am here for you or either I was bothered by my concsience. "Got to brownsugatou.com and write... experts say blog, and blog often young lady." Sometimes the words just don't magically appear... (sniff, sniff.... writer's block). Anyway, to my readers thank you for allowing me to share me... btw...I do this for US.

Peace and blessings y'all.

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Did you say, "how did brownsugatou come to this conclusion?"

My son was outside playing with his friend David the other day.

David knocked on the door, I open it and my son was in tears. His friend says "Armand called me a preschooler!" Armand initially tried to deny it, started crying again then admitted that he called David a preschooler (David is in the 2nd grade by the way). I talked to Armand about calling his friend a name then made him apologize.

However, the real question in my mind was why did Armand call David a preschooler in the first place?

Answer: David called him a first grader.(????) However, Armand IS in the 1st grade.

Turns out, Armand was trying to impress a friend, a girl, who happens to be in the 3rd grade by telling her that he's also in the 3rd grade. So, his ego got bruised when David called him - a 1st grader.

I'm just sayin', men don't lie about their age!

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When my eyes gaze upon your skyline,
I see a lonely mustard colored high rise
In a city NOT anew with cultural advancement,
An overflowing cup of diversity,
And a welcome mat for the
Brown, Black, and Black As Blue.

When my eyes gaze upon your skyline,
I see a lonely mustard colored high rise,
In a city who's long lost twin
Could be Oakland, L.A., or New York City.

Different heat but still,
The same crime ridden skin.

Less opportunity with only
A "handful" of opportunities.

Must be highly skilled and educated
In the areas of oil, farming,
And agriculture. Who you KNOW is preferrable.

When my eyes gaze upon your skyline,
I see a lonely mustard colored high rise
In a city geographically too big for it's britches,
Wearing an antiquated bus system.

Damn public transportation for the rich.
Keep the hood pregnant with buses running daily.

When my eyes gaze upon the skyline and
I see your lonely mustard colored high rise,
I envision the beautiful potential of what
This city could be.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

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A Black Woman's Pain: A short Poem

While putting on lip gloss at work this morning... 

I don't wear lipstick no mo'.

I choose not to beautify myself,
'Cause he don't love me no mo'.

I don't love me no mo'. 

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas  a.k.a. brownsugatou

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People always ask me…
Where do I get my laughter?
My sense of humor?
And smiles for miles?
Even when facing adversity…

I get it from my sister.

God knew I needed you
I wasn’t even a year old
Before you came on the scene
Yep 10 point 5 months apart
Might as well have been twins

Due to our close knit ages
We started preschool together.
I remember you crying for Mama
And me comforting you by saying,
"It’s gonna be alright Lilly!"

Mama dressed us alike
From our early beginnings
Until we proudly wore
Our caps and gowns together…

Sadly that’s where I used to think
Our story (Climiell and Lillian) ended.
Me off to college and you
Starting your beautiful family,
Each of your children
Lookin’ just like you,
Just like US!
Ben, Roberta,
Me, and you!

I just knew our bonding had died
One day…
But did I really know this for sure?

At ages 5 and 6
We were play fighting.
You kicked my first tooth out
With your foot and we laughed hysterically about it.
Thank God my tooth was already loose…

Together we damn near
Burned down our Aunt Climiell’s
House playing with matches.
No one told us we could not
Cover up a black burn stain on a
Light blue carpet
And try to lie about it…

And what about the time,
During the week or father’s funeral,
We fed 13 kids and 2 adults
(Our older sister, her three kids
And her friend and her 10 kids)
With 80 Chicken McNuggets?

Who would have predicted
Laughter from the McDonald’s employees
Because of our large order?
And then you cursing them out
For selling one of our 20 pieces
To another customer
Thus holding up our entire order.
Folks was hungry…

And I remember when Mama
Purchased that generic walkman
From an “off-brand” catalog
That had two jacks for the
Two headphones?
We were NOT technologically
Handicapped back then
I was glad to be joined at the hips
Musically with you…

Now, we may not share
Our deepest darkest secrets,
Talk on the phone weekly,
Our give each other advice…

But I knew when you called me last year
And all I could hear was that familiar
Uncontrollable and contagious laughter.

The one where you can’t
Even get your words out,
The laughter that made US
Cry so hard over the years -
ONLY for you to finally say,

“My wig… (insert laughter)
Fell (insert hard laughter) off …
(insert laughter and tightening of the muscles)
At church today!”

Sis, I knew then,
And I now know for sure
That our bond never died.

Thank you for the laughter.

Dedicated to my sister,
Lillian Marie-Buffin
I love you Sis.

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Harder I Fall/We Fail

For all the reasons,
I wanted to remain friends,
Protect my heart,
Enclosed by a fence
And challenge my faith...
I thank you.

I thank you for
Teaching me to kiss,
Wounded lips,
And wake up with,
Unavailable you...
I thank you.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a brownsugatou

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A poem.
It just is.

Whether it inspires
Feels erotic
Or the words
Jump off that 
Page to paint
Pictures and lend
Readers YOUR
A poem
It just is.
As long as it doesn't
Offend or degrade
But makes love
To the page.

It's nobody's biz...

A poem.
It just is.

Write and Be Free...

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou
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Tears so forceful.

Come pouring dryly.
Yet so swiftly.
That they miss me.

Dry heave.
Tight chest.
I’m a mess.

Blank thoughts.
Full mind.
Unstructured thinking.

I want to.
I got to.
If not for me…
Why me?


Thoughts translated.
Put down on paper.

Do you see?
Our commonality.

So together we.
On bended knee…

We pray.
And stay hopeful.

It’s not just me.

Copyright 2009

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Hailing from Dallas, TX, spoken word artist Jason Mars is ready to start a movement that also encompasses a group of other artists identifying themselves as the "New Talented Tenth". And his riveting spoken word piece "I Write America" (see above) tells you why this young brother will make his mark in the spoken word arena and beyond. But just who is Jason Mars? Come on, follow along... and let him tell you in this brief Q & A session.

Q: How would you describe your style of spoken word?
A: My style is actually an even mixture of poetry and spoken word. For every performance piece I write a piece that can be read by an audience.

Q: You mentioned that you just got serious about the impact of words. What inspired you to write poetry and get into spoken word? When did you make the transition from just writing to take yourself and your work seriously as an artist
A: I have been writing for 6yrs since I was 15, I just started performing when I realized that I could captivate an audience. The opportunity to move crowds with words that I concocted was incredible to me. Writing was an outlet at a young age age and as I wrote more and more I developed a better grasp of word play and skills to structure poems. I just recently took it serious when I started to get good feedback.

Q: What venues have you recently performed at? Any future shows planned
A: I performed for the first time at Sankofa in Dallas.... I am moving to California to set up a couple shows that I can frequent. I am looking to put on my own shows in California in the next 3 months.

Q: Where can spoken word fans see your work?
A: The best place to find my work is youtube.com/jadenallen

Q: What projects are you currently working on?
A: Future projects include a weekly poetry show, an art/poetry fusion
show (insane) a book of poetry that will include the reasons behind
the poems so that I stay true to my work.

Q: Can you elaborate more on your "movement" and explain who the "new" Talented Tenth are?
A: The movement is a group of individuals who have a message to share and do so through the arts movement: poetry/spoken word, painting,sketching etc... The young anti-apathy movement. Talented tenth is the spin off of the movement from the days of the Harlem Renaissance.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your spoken word piece "I Write America".
A: "I Write America" was inspired by life... I just wanted to break down the colors of the flag and give them meaning. An honest meaning in my

Q: One year ago you were...?
A: One year ago I was writing and waiting on everyone's approval until I realized that if it is truly from a genuine place then people will
flock to it.

Q: Ten years from now you will...?
A: Ten years from now I will have published at least 3 books, written 4 plays, 3 screen plays, and will be known for contributing something positive to my community and leading by example.

Q: Why do you feel it's important to share your work with others?
A: I feel like it is important to share my work because I have the
ability to creatively convey messages and express the emotions of my
people, my generation.

Jason Mars has spoken. But he ain't done yet.

Copyright 2009

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"Let me be your revolutionary flame
The liberated lion you wake up next to
and exchange warm salutations with.
I yearn to feel the fire of your kiss
as we build, debate, agree to disagree
while walking freedom's beautiful path"....

Excerpt from "Let Me Be Your Revolutionary Flame" Copyright 1999
Christopher D. Sims a.k.a. UniverSouLove

To not allow yourself to enjoy the work of this talented and gifted spoken word artist would be a sin. UniverSouLove is now available for features and is currently embarking on his own one man show, spoken word tour - Love Jones and Love Poems the Tour for 2009. For booking please e-mail: booking@universoulovethepoet.com

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The true essence of hip hop. You can't help but to dance. So just do it!

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Jonesin'...(Take 125th St. and Detour Pass Amazing)

I be Jonesin'.
Jonesin' for his poetical words
That be flowin'.

Page after page,
He performs lyrical stunts
And rhyming acrobatics.

As I sip on the soul of
His verbal aphrodisiacs.

When his poetry kisses my skin,
Nibblin' at the earlobes of this
Black womb(man),
It leaves me breathless.
His metaphors, words, and verbs,
Got me on some next shhhhhh...

I be Jonesin'.
Jonesin for his poetical words,
They be flowin'.

An ordained listener.
He's been captivated by the
Beauty of our essence.
For stretches of long years...
May I suggest you absorb
"Black Women Cry Purple Tears".

So can you understand,
The beautiful state of bliss that I am in?

The reasons why I cherish
Each well crafted verse?
Originating from a gifted mind.

My heart is connected.
And forever mesmerized by his
Oratorical Universe.

I be Jonesin'.
Jonesin' for his poetical words.
Yeah, I be floatin'.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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Heart races.
I'm scared.
Breathing shortened.
Nah, it's still there.

Thank God I'm me.
But afraid of what
YOU want, need, and think
I might be.

Pure hesitancy
I smell.
The joy and possible
Satisfaction I bring to you,
You inhale.

Still I'm runnin'.
Runnin' from a ball of emotions.
These chains of irrationality.
This weight of anxiety,
As I imagine me leave
My complacency.

But what if I walk with Him
And believe?

Increase my faith and
Supress my doubts?

Choke back these tears
And cuddle up with victory?

Focus on the amazing things
He sees in me?

This poem hasn't happened yet.
'Cause I'm still runnin'.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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Actually it's Friday, and I am off from work. Plus I get paid mid-week. However this O'Jays classic never fails to brighten my weekend. Enjoy! Thanks to LUVINHAPPINESS at YouTube.

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brownsugatou is taking advantage of some well deserved quiet time these days... (my son is the one on vacation) and I'm doing my best to cure my writer's block also. Enjoy!

The mood... it just IS.

The AC caresses, cools, my soft skin.

My carpet beckons the company of my pretty brown feet.

And the couch is my silent partner, and remains my biggest supporter.

Birds are chirping, a futile attempt to black hole my space.

While the walls of my living room struggle

To ear hustle on my thoughts and gossip about my peace.

All spirits that lived here before me.

Tiptoe around me

And whisper,

"Shhhh" let her rest."

Eyes adrift.

Senses undisturbed.

Breathing is balanced.

As I sit content,

And face to face

With the essence of my own presence.

It's just me and my lonely.

C. Thomas a.k.a brownsugatou
Copyright 2009
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On Saturdays I indulge in my "write"
Get comfortable with my verbs,
And play one on one Scrabble with my words

Sometimes creating pieces
That are second to third
I'm only human
So don't mistake what you heard

And on Sumdays
I can only dream about my "scribe"
Tease my brain with visual thoughts,
Ideas, mental rough drafts
And sumbeautiful inspiration

Raising my child,
Absorbing the rigors of life
And gettin' swallowed by my 9-5

On Sumdays,
I often analyze the price of
Creative freedom versus
The struggle to maintain.

C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

Copyright 2009

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I know it's ME
But it ain't calling me...

Pulling me, restraining me
To compose a verse

Wait a minute...
I'm still rewritin' the "rehearse".

That flows like...
"I am"...
"To be..."
"If I were..."

But I end up with...
A lonely rhyme,
A blank page,
And ink that's gunnin' for "first"

I know it's ME...
But it ain't calling me.

Just ranting my but off, because I have writer's block.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a brownsugatou

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Happy 4th of July to you! I thank you for turning the other cheek to the BBQ if you are reading this post. It's just me, my mama and this holiday today. My son is spending some rare time with his father, two half siblings, and his father's girlfriend. Ironically I am watching the film "Diary of A Tired Black Man". This film tackles a lot of issues which I can relate to and I have experienced first hand. I'm content with the fact my ex and I have reached a point where we can all (new girlfriend too) be content. If you look at some of my poetry you see it was not easy going up the rough side of the mountain and still we have our ups and down. He was concerned that the new girlfriend and I would be uncomfortable with one another but also stated that he respected both of our roles. Word! I let him know that if any fireworks popped off today it would be between me and him if anything... we respect one another but are aware of our battle lines. Yeah I can write on and on about me, the ex, the next, my son, and his half-siblings (whom I love dearly) but I will save it for another post, another poem.

In the meantime, I want to send lots of love to a UniverSouLove.... New York is waiting on you - and this time your going :-) Please check out this talented and dynamic poet at http://www.universoulovethepoet.com/ (yes I manage that blog/website too) or at www.myspace.com/universoulove7 and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/UniverSouLove and wish him well. Also we are always looking for spoken word venues for feature opportunities. Next stop is California!
Alright thank you for allowing me to soak up some of your time today... now wipe that BBQ sauce off of your face.. and enjoy the holiday!

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Michael Joseph Jackson


"The Gloved One... A Loved One"

You still bad.

The whole world is mourning you,
Like you were ALL we had.

Yeah, the music died yesterday,
And was resurrected by memories
That you gave.

The 60's, 70's, 80's....
New millennium, infinity.

The Blueprint for music videos -
You authored.

A pied piper of music for many generations,
You got my grannie through, pulled my mama through,
Me through...
And now my six year old is rockin' with you too.

You taught us that being black
AND eclectic was a perfect match.

Struggle with a class act -
Mmmmm... you authored that too.

A lil' man wearin' James Brown's shoes
ABC'in and tweet, tweet, tweetin'.

Out of the J-Five,
YOU were all the way live!

The super fro, the jheri curl,
The uncurled curl, and those
Sequinned suits....

And yes...
The Moonwalk
The Glove.
Now try to trademark or copyright that!

We devoured it all Mike.

So, am I selfish when I say
50 years was not enough?
Shit, 30+ years (my time)
Of being in a
Michael Joseph Jackson
Musically induced coma
WILL make you stop thinking
Outside yourself...
Especially when it was just

... and now you're at peace.

Copyright 2009

C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

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Nope, don't call it a come back! Just tellin' it like it is. @mosdefaqueen a.k.a. brownsugatou has been slacking, not posting, not being one with her words or her poetry on this blog. So just call it laziness (although I do have a life offline) and let me post something up on the blog before the post dates become wide and far. I'm not trying to take this to 2010 my friends... so I give you MosDef to fill in the gaps.

Blessings on this Sunday afternoon to MacDaddy at http://www.daddybstrong.blogspot.com/! "Is it the way that I say my name?... Sotomayor... Or the way I influence this political game?... Sotomayor!" I hear you MacDaddy I hear you. Peace and Blessings. - brown

MosDef -"Flowers" YouTube Link

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Tuesday May, 19th was Global Blogging Day of Action for Troy Davis. Brown missed out but is still getting the word out via guest blogger (but strong supporter of my page) Mac Walton a.k.a. The Daddy.

And above all take action against this injustice!

Troy Davis and a fight to hear birds sing and smell flowers once again.

By Mac Walton a.k.a., The Daddy

This early morning, with dew still all around, The Daddy got out of bed, made coffee, and sipped it out on his patio. Then, with java still in hand, he strolled leisurely around his backyard, walking on fresh green grass, listening to the birds and smelling the flowers.

Then the image of a round, speckled-faced Troy Davis came into his mind--This almost nerdy looking guy who, had he not been arrested and convicted, could have been a smart lawyer defending someone in court, who could have been sitting behind a desk as someone’s community librarian, or who could have been a neighbor walking around his own backyard just before getting ready for work.

This is the same Troy Davis whose life was shot back into ultimate survival mode when the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals refused to hear his case, pleading technical issues like Troy not filing his appeal papers on time years ago, knowing that the state of Georgia did not provide him a lawyer to make him aware of his rights and to help him to file the papers anyway.

Larry Cox, executive director for the U.S. segment of Amnesty International, put it this way: "Today's decision is an affront to basic human rights and demonstrates that legal technicalities have become a dangerous excuse to undermine justice. Yet again the courts are placing procedural obstacles over the critical issue of innocence, and, by extension, the value of human life. The bar for admitting evidence has been raised to such a level that no one arguing his innocence would be able jump that hurdle."

This is the same Troy Davis who, if the state of Georgia has its way, will be executed for a crime he probably never committed, an alleged crime where there was no weapon found, no evidence connecting him to the crime, and where 7 of the 9 witnesses who, under intimidation originally said Troy Davis did the crime, have now recanted their stories. Indeed, some have pointed to one of the two remaining so-called eyewitnesses, saying he did the crime.

This is the same Troy Davis who not only has already spent 17 years for a crime he probably didn’t commit, but who will die out of a few state judge’s choice to value state technicalities such as the time he first filed for appeal over a human being’s life and some white Georgians view that some man—no, some black man—must die for the killing of a white off-duty police officer—even if he is innocent.

This is the same Troy Davis who not only can't grab a cup of coffee and walk around his backyard; he can't even leave his cell.

A number of bloggers have been asking that you fight for Troy Davis. Two of the leading bloggers to ask you to do so have been SJP over at Sojourner’s Place and the Villager over at Electronic Village. Along with Amnesty International, they have helped to keep this issue and Troy Davis alive. They made you aware of Troy’s plight and updated you every step of the way in this ever-winding twist of injustice.

Now, The Daddy is joining them and others to blog for Troy, for justice… for an America that does not sanction the killing of human beings.

The Daddy is blogging to say don’t give up; you still have time; and, for your sake as well as his, keep up the fight to keep.

And here’s what you can do:

1. E-mail or fax Gov. Perdue’s office. Go to this Amnesty International’s site (Amnesty International - Troy Davis). It has an email or fax letter you can use to send to the governor asking him to support clemency for Troy Davis.

2. Phone Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GADP) at: (404)876-6113. Let them know you are with them all the way in this fight against the death penalty; and

3. E-mail Troy to let him know that, no matter what, you will stay in the fight, that you will continue the fight against the death penalty, and that, through this fight, he will always be remembered. You can reach him at: troy@aiusa.org

Listen, wouldn’t it be a great day if Troy, like The Daddy, wakes up one morning, takes his cup of java out to his backyard and just walks around the yard on green grass, listening to the birds sings and smelling the roses in his garden?

Wouldn’t that be something?

Mac Walton

Blog address: http://daddybstrong.blogspot.com/
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Thursday, May 21, 2009 Posted in | , , , , | 1 Comments »

A self-respecting King inspired me to write this poem . I've shared this piece online over at www.okayplayer.com, Facebook and with some of my offline friends. A friend asked me over at Facebook "Women just want to be respected right?" in response to this poem. My answer to that was respected and for some women "corrected' on how to be respected. Wasn't my thoughts when this poem was initially written...I guess that's why I knew there would always be a part (2), hence the title.
A certain celebrity got me to thinking about the issue of respect. I wrapped my eyes around his words or his tweets on Twitter the other night as I witnessed him sell himself sexually to women in order to market his CD on Twitter. Happens all the time but it was just something uncomfortable about a celebrity telling women, fans, and the men who follow you on Twitter that you are "horny" (exact word used). Has a ton of followers and all the time I'm thinking "this is T_ _ _ _ _ to the em-f _ _ _ _ _ N and he can saaaaang!" Just puzzled as to why he felt the need to do that on Twitter. So much craziness online. To that celebrity..."Physical Presents" can be unraveled and tasted tastefully and still be satisfying. I think your fans love and respect you because you are you! Kings AND Queens...... respect and love each other totally. Take the time to slowly unravel each other. Enjoy part (1)!
Peace and Blessings,

Physical Presence vs. Physical Presents (1)

Hey you,
Why you fixin’ yo’

I’m amazing I know.
But you gaze at what I
Don’t prefer you to see.
(At least not initially)

To zone in on
This beautiful creation,
This mother,
This Black Goddess,
This Queen!
That gave birth to “we”.
I set the boundaries
When it comes to visual
Intimacy with me.

My eyes are

I see the Professor did
On how to properly
“Kiss” my black skin,
The skin of black women.

You didn’t even notice
Or even care that
I’m infinitely sexy

Or maybe,
Possess the stamina
And required patience
To tactfully seek and
Unravel the bow
My pres-ence,
My es-sence,
My pres-ents,
My es-sence.

© 2009 C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

A black woman and her poetry

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Monday, May 18, 2009 Posted in | , , , , | 0 Comments »

Baby mama blues, single mama blues, worker bee blues.... who am I kidding? I don't have much to write really. Although my frustration, my desire to vent, to squelch my anger, led me to this laptop to this blog to these typed letters. Thought I was going to write a new poem entitled "Unleashed" because that's just how I'm feeling right now. A strong desire to unleash my emotions, feelings and thoughts. My Tweet this morning said "I'm preparing for the monster that consumes me - work."... Next time I know not to lay the ground work for a negative day. A situation at work IS what sparked my current mood... and I wish it would just go away, however I know I have to think this out in a rational way and remain focused. The hell with that too... brown is just in need of a hug. Have you had your hug today?
Oh wow... before I could hit "Publish Post" my son just handed me an I-was-suppose-to-give-you-this-card-on-Mother's-Day-card-but-didn't... and it's one of those singing cards... the song is entitled "I Still Hear Mama Praying for Me" - by Chester D. T. Baldwin. He (my son) is my #1 fan and I am his #1 fan! That's all that matters right now... Have you had your hug today? Peace and Blessings, brown-.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Posted in | , , , | 0 Comments »

Mary Ann Wright
"Mother Wright"
July 11, 1921 - May 7, 2009

First, I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! Second, and sadly I want to acknowledge the passing of an Oakland, CA icon, humanitarian, philanthropist, and a Queen who had no limits to her compassion for others - Mary Ann Wright or "Mother Wright" as she was affectionately known to the lives of the people she touched. Recently, I mentioned Mother Wright in a brief blog post (see below) about solutions to solving hunger around the world. I've never had the pleasure of meeting this great woman however, my late grandmother, mother and other relatives never failed to mention Mother Wright's name along with her tireless efforts of giving, feeding, and clothing the needy during the holidays. So, Mother Wright has always been known to me as a household name and is synonymous with the city of Oakland, CA - as is SoulBeat, Lake Merritt, and the Black Panthers.

Following is a link to an article from the Bay Area Insider's website which chronicles the life of Mother Wright.

It all started with with a message from God in her dream and a $236 Social Security check. And for over 30 years an angel fed those in need. Never say never.

Mother Mary Ann Wright Foundation
Inside Bay Area article on Mother Wright's Passing
Past article on Mother Wright

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Sunday, May 10, 2009 Posted in | , , , | 0 Comments »

I changed the title of my blog over a week ago to "A black woman, her poetry, and then some". This is another "and then some" post or a Non-Poetic post as I've entitled such posts all along. This rookie blogger is learning and changing as I am sure a lot of beginners do. My goal is to still share my poetry and absorb the world and that includes you! Now back to business...

"I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul." If it's Sunday, there are times when I relax after breakfast and check out some of the gospel videos on BET. Gospel music and videos have evolved over the years. (refreshing to see a lot of G-Rated videos on BET) However, I admit there are times when I don't quite know for sure if I am watching a gospel video or not. But, music is music - sometimes. Just wanted to share this great video I happened to see today that includes a biblical message. "Lose My Soul" by Toby Mac featuring the man responsible for influencing a lot of the changes that we see in gospel music/videos today, Kirk Franklin and former American Idol contestant Mandisa. Enjoy!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009 Posted in | , , , , | 2 Comments »

Brownsugatou is joining other bloggers around the nation to bring awareness to world hunger. Go to http://www.bloggersunite.org/, save a badge, head right back to your blog and post up! I am sharing some links to websites that address solutions to world hunger and a new poem I wrote entitled Sacrifice in honor of today's online event. I am also including a link to an article written a while back by Dave Newhouse about Mary Ann Wright or "Mother Wright". If you are from Oakland, CA my hometown, I don't think I have to say anymore. When I think of someone dedicating their life to feed the souls of others Mother Wright is the first person that I think of. Enjoy!

Action Against Hunger
World Hunger Year

Mother Wright


Impoverished is impoverished is impoverished.
Whether you are white, black, or "wrong"
Or purple, pink and "strong".

My hunger, your hunger
Is our hunger.
What? You thought it was a color?

A lower rung on the "ladder"?
A dirty hand attached to a
Tin cup on the corner?
An electronic food stamp?
Me passing' up two meals for another?

It is being "food insecure".
(Thanks U.S.D.A.)
It is earning a living with the undesirable
need to beg, borrow, and go without-
Food or PG &E?
Food or bus fare?
Food or health?
What will my choice be today?

Work shoes or no food?
Co-pay or no food?
Stay employed AND go hungry?
Stay employed AND go hungry?
Stay employed AND go hungry?



(c) 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Posted in | , , , , | 3 Comments »

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