Nope, don't call it a come back! Just tellin' it like it is. @mosdefaqueen a.k.a. brownsugatou has been slacking, not posting, not being one with her words or her poetry on this blog. So just call it laziness (although I do have a life offline) and let me post something up on the blog before the post dates become wide and far. I'm not trying to take this to 2010 my friends... so I give you MosDef to fill in the gaps.

Blessings on this Sunday afternoon to MacDaddy at! "Is it the way that I say my name?... Sotomayor... Or the way I influence this political game?... Sotomayor!" I hear you MacDaddy I hear you. Peace and Blessings. - brown

MosDef -"Flowers" YouTube Link

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