Actually it's Friday, and I am off from work. Plus I get paid mid-week. However this O'Jays classic never fails to brighten my weekend. Enjoy! Thanks to LUVINHAPPINESS at YouTube.

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brownsugatou is taking advantage of some well deserved quiet time these days... (my son is the one on vacation) and I'm doing my best to cure my writer's block also. Enjoy!

The mood... it just IS.

The AC caresses, cools, my soft skin.

My carpet beckons the company of my pretty brown feet.

And the couch is my silent partner, and remains my biggest supporter.

Birds are chirping, a futile attempt to black hole my space.

While the walls of my living room struggle

To ear hustle on my thoughts and gossip about my peace.

All spirits that lived here before me.

Tiptoe around me

And whisper,

"Shhhh" let her rest."

Eyes adrift.

Senses undisturbed.

Breathing is balanced.

As I sit content,

And face to face

With the essence of my own presence.

It's just me and my lonely.

C. Thomas a.k.a brownsugatou
Copyright 2009
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On Saturdays I indulge in my "write"
Get comfortable with my verbs,
And play one on one Scrabble with my words

Sometimes creating pieces
That are second to third
I'm only human
So don't mistake what you heard

And on Sumdays
I can only dream about my "scribe"
Tease my brain with visual thoughts,
Ideas, mental rough drafts
And sumbeautiful inspiration

Raising my child,
Absorbing the rigors of life
And gettin' swallowed by my 9-5

On Sumdays,
I often analyze the price of
Creative freedom versus
The struggle to maintain.

C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

Copyright 2009

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I know it's ME
But it ain't calling me...

Pulling me, restraining me
To compose a verse

Wait a minute...
I'm still rewritin' the "rehearse".

That flows like...
"I am"...
"To be..."
"If I were..."

But I end up with...
A lonely rhyme,
A blank page,
And ink that's gunnin' for "first"

I know it's ME...
But it ain't calling me.

Just ranting my but off, because I have writer's block.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a brownsugatou

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Happy 4th of July to you! I thank you for turning the other cheek to the BBQ if you are reading this post. It's just me, my mama and this holiday today. My son is spending some rare time with his father, two half siblings, and his father's girlfriend. Ironically I am watching the film "Diary of A Tired Black Man". This film tackles a lot of issues which I can relate to and I have experienced first hand. I'm content with the fact my ex and I have reached a point where we can all (new girlfriend too) be content. If you look at some of my poetry you see it was not easy going up the rough side of the mountain and still we have our ups and down. He was concerned that the new girlfriend and I would be uncomfortable with one another but also stated that he respected both of our roles. Word! I let him know that if any fireworks popped off today it would be between me and him if anything... we respect one another but are aware of our battle lines. Yeah I can write on and on about me, the ex, the next, my son, and his half-siblings (whom I love dearly) but I will save it for another post, another poem.

In the meantime, I want to send lots of love to a UniverSouLove.... New York is waiting on you - and this time your going :-) Please check out this talented and dynamic poet at (yes I manage that blog/website too) or at and on Twitter at and wish him well. Also we are always looking for spoken word venues for feature opportunities. Next stop is California!
Alright thank you for allowing me to soak up some of your time today... now wipe that BBQ sauce off of your face.. and enjoy the holiday!

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