When I stopped feeling you,
All of a sudden your lies
Became your truth.
Now my feminine intuition
Is not the only thing that
No longer believes in you.

When I stopped feeling you,
The well of my once glistening insides
Turned dry in the wake
Of your arousing presence.
And my smile proudly walked away
From the now flameless desire
I once had for you!

When I stopped feeling you,
The twinkle in my eyes
Hardened like colored Starbursts...

Remember that dance?
My gaze is now perfectly
And confidently contained.

Watch me as I smirk and
Admire My New Vision therapy.

When I stopped feeling you,
I loved, loved, loved, on me,
And unashamed of the person who ignorantly But, unconditionally loved the idea of we.

When I stopped feeling you,
I erased the feel of you.

Copyright 2011

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