I always thought Don Cornelius was just too cool to go down the Soul Train line. I had the opportunity to visually see that I was wrong when I watched a documentary on the Centric Network about Soul Train (Soul Train, The Hippest Trip In America) yesterday. Not only did he strut his stuff down the infamous Soul Train Line, Mr. Cornelius rocked it out with Mary Wilson from the Supremes and even said that he was "NOT" the worse dancer at house parties back in his day. Don Cornelius is the creator of one of the most influential television shows on black culture and its music. He talked the talk, walked the walk, and danced the dance.  Clip is from You Tube. 

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One Responses to "Don Cornelius vs. The Soul Train Line"

  1. Anna Renee says:

    Oh My God! I watched Soul Train my entire teenaged life, and I swear it never occured to me that Don himself could dance, much less come down the Soul train line!!!
    Perfect! ;-D

    Love the look of your blog!

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