This poem brings a smile to my face for various reasons. Its an oldie but goodie that I've never shared on this blog. It is dedicated to my good friend Cathy and her ex but the content is totally based on my past relationship from 7 years ago a.k.a. the baby daddy years hence the reference to 50's "Wanksta". One day Cathy and I were discussing relationships and she said "I love him but I don't like him sometimes." Yeah, she definitely quarterbacked this piece right here. Enjoy!


Witty, smart, handsome, ambitious, and passionate.

A mixture of thuggish, rugged, and smooth - now that’s cool.

A strong family man who loves his three seeds.

There’s some respect for the ex (mother of two seeds).

But he loves and cherishes the “next” (mother of one seed).

Like a God to his universe,

He works the hell out of his 9-5, child support always on time.

And he “dirt hustles” this hip hop shit for family and crew.

But it is he in this piece whose character is being juxtaposed…

And frankly, he can get on my fuckin’ nerves.

Spittin’ venom like Bush the Gangsta but comin’ out like 50’s wanksta.

As I second guess MY feelings, carrying the guilt like I’m doing wrong (?)

He’s the nut-scratchin’-drinkin’-milk-from-the-carton exhibit

At the museum of assholes.

And SOMETIMES his lovin’ can amount to

Two minutes of d**k rubbin’…

Inside my walls of pleasure, in and out like the motion of the ocean…

And, oooooooooooooohhhhh…

It’s like oooooooooooohhhhh…

And it’s all coming back to me now,

As I’m reminded of why I love him but I don’t like him sometimes.

Copyright 2003

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One Responses to "I Love Him, But I Don't Like Him Sometimes"

  1. YaGirlNextDoor says:

    Yes, I have too loved but didn't like at times.

    "He’s the nut-scratchin’-drinkin’-milk-from-the-carton exhibit

    At the museum of assholes."

    I love that.

    Although mine ain't never on time with child support.

  1. Eqlektik says:

    You expressed some strong sentiments in this piece.It's like a well delivered left,right combination followed by a knockout uppercut.

  1. Eric says:

    Uhm.... This makes me feel like I can't write. Impressive.

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