This Bishop Eddie Long mess makes me think about the best advice that someone gave me: "it's never too early to talk to your child about being touched inappropriately." I did when my son was in preschool & at the time his school had given his class a presentation & a booklet on the same topic. Also, make sure your sons know who their Daddy is even if it hurts. Perhaps their longing for a father will not be misguided. I'll end with that... because I know there are so many gray areas here. Just speaking on it today.

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"Arrogantly, I thought I knew what it was,
But apparently there's
Still so much more for me to learn."

- Dwayne Morgan, "I Thought I Knew Love"

Time to get serious and tone things down just a little with another spoken word piece by Mr. Dwayne Morgan entitled "I Thought I Knew Love". Again, backed by a live band, Dwayne delivers a very heartfelt performance and tribute to the kind of love that must be unconditionally embraced - because you never know when, where, and how you'll be called upon to experience and give love on a much higher level. The real tribute in this performance is to Dwayne's grandmother who also serves as - "the teacher". I won't reveal too much, because I want you to experience this lesson...

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I just couldn't wait to unravel the contents behind this man's latest spoken word piece "Make Hate To Me" by poet, author, and spoken word artist Dwayne Morgan. "Make Hate To Me"... my own curiosity stayed pleasantly teased up until a few minutes ago just thinking about the possibilities that Mr. Morgan would bring to the table with a title like that. "Make Hate To Me"... "Make Hate To Me"??? This was either going to be wild and sexy or dark and thought provoking. Well, let's just say my co-worker was ABSOLUTELY right when he said, "it could be something sexy". Hate is the new sexy y'all... enjoy!

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Come on now, let me get it in…
Stop because it might hurt.
No one will hear,
Unless you THINK its gone hurt?

I know I’m big and all,
No ego.
But you know my reputation.
I can fertilize your garden and
Sprout us some seeds -
Little brown me’s and
Little brown you's.

Are you ready to do this?
I need you…
To be the example.

Remember my name is Love
And I want you bareback,
Soul-confident and unprotected.
I’ll be gentle
With the walls you’ve erected.

And Miss, its not like we just met.
So, let me slide in,
Be an asset to your universe.
You a class act,
And I want to follow.
Even if I have to wait
For an eternity to burst…

Trust me,
I got you…
Love’s got you.

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I never seen
A grown man cry.
But I’ve seen his
Rivers rise -
In his demeanor, misdemeanors,
And four illegitimates
All by Tina.

I never seen
A grown man cry
But I’ve seen his
Rivers rise -
Through his fears,
Through his choices...
See, I listen closely
To them pissed off voices.

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"We have something in common..." using my best Whitney Houston voice here but I need a "good" Bobby to help me sing! Alright remember my blog is called brownsugatou: a black woman, her poetry, and then some. Look to the left side bar for links to my poetry. Today's post is in the "then some" category, and is actually quite refreshing... Ladies and gentlemen Macy Gray and Bobby Brown! (That was my Kanye-West-Bush-Don't-Like-Black-People-I-Got-To-Get-It-In voice). Yep, it's 1 in the morning and I have every right to act silly.

Please enjoy this video entitled "Real Love" by Macy Gray and Bobby Brown. This is definitely not Peaches n' Herb, they are riding in their own lane.

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I thought I heard Erykah Badu's voice covering Muddy Water's (also see below) "Mannish Boy" in this commercial for H & M...

For your pleasure (and its definitely a pleasure for me too because I LOOOOOVE this song) here is a video of the late Muddy Waters singing "Mannish Boy" with the Rolling Stones (Checkerboard Lounge, Chi-Town, 1981)... Ooooooooohhhh Yeah!!!

Muddy Waters on Wikipedia

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No, no, no... I am not referring to Jill Scott (you know she bad). I was just looking for a regular old image today until I came across this artwork of Jill Scott (Hate On Me) by Steven Lopez from his "After Midnight Series". All I can say is WOW!! The series also includes Tina Turner, Erykah Badu, Chaka Kahn, and India Arie. It somewhat fits my short poem below "Vainglorious Waste".  If you really want to read some great poetry that includes true visual inspiration, may I suggest you check out poet Mase Da Ruler at his blog A Ruler's Kingdom. And, learn about his desire, to impact youth with his #WriteOrDie movement. 

Artwork by: Steven Lopez - Jill Scott "Hate On Me"

Lightweight expression...

On some days,
I tiptoe
Preferring NOT to
Do this dance.

Watch me -
As I strut,
It/you don't exist.

Follow my smirk.

For Lip prints:
Down the "street" -
(Align ya eyes
Suck it in),
U-turn at
My Thick End.

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A Considerate Brotha

“Sista,what is making you happy these days? 
What is making you sad, if you ever are?”

Brotha, there is not enough time and space
For you to wait and collect empty
Words that are too translucent
For you to see.

To digest them would be
Akin to you parting the red sea.

Now, if that body of water
Resides between your ears…

Just sit down and  listen.  
I need you to.
I need you too.
I need you. 

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