I just couldn't wait to unravel the contents behind this man's latest spoken word piece "Make Hate To Me" by poet, author, and spoken word artist Dwayne Morgan. "Make Hate To Me"... my own curiosity stayed pleasantly teased up until a few minutes ago just thinking about the possibilities that Mr. Morgan would bring to the table with a title like that. "Make Hate To Me"... "Make Hate To Me"??? This was either going to be wild and sexy or dark and thought provoking. Well, let's just say my co-worker was ABSOLUTELY right when he said, "it could be something sexy". Hate is the new sexy y'all... enjoy!

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One Responses to ""Make Hate To Me" - Dwayne Morgan"

  1. YaGirlNextDoor says:

    well, well, well....Mr. Morgan I hated that. :) I wanted to tell you to breath throughout that but I see you handled your own very well. That was great very, very sexy. Hope to see more of you.

  1. YaGirlNextDoor says:

    that was very, very sexy. I really hated that. :) Hope to hear more from you.

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