A Considerate Brotha

“Sista,what is making you happy these days? 
What is making you sad, if you ever are?”

Brotha, there is not enough time and space
For you to wait and collect empty
Words that are too translucent
For you to see.

To digest them would be
Akin to you parting the red sea.

Now, if that body of water
Resides between your ears…

Just sit down and  listen.  
I need you to.
I need you too.
I need you. 

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Friday, September 3, 2010 Posted in | , | 2 Comments »

One Responses to "A Considerate Brotha"

  1. YaGirlNextDoor says:

    Very nice. I know I love me a Considerate Brotha, when I find one.

  1. Anonymous

    this woulda made for an excellent collab with someone.... this was the beginning of somethin great.. another gem

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