My first book is now available on entitled "Po(hims) and Poetry". Wait I believe I jumped the gun here... I published "Crazy In Love With You (Poetry Is A Song)" on first. "Po(hims) and Poetry" includes a lot of what I have already shared, but the important thing is that I actually published my work whether it's D.I.Y. or P.O.D., I did it and I want to share it with the world!

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I haven’t acknowledged National Women’s History Month yet
But let me take the time out to say the name Mo’Nique.

I couldn’t come up with any original ideas to celebrate
National Women’s History Month but I poetically spoke on
The “atrocity” that occurred to a teenage girl at Richmond High School

I know, I know, I really could have taken the time to embrace National Women’s History Month but Sandra Bullock’s faith and lazy third eye kept piercing my mind Time after time.

Man, I kinda felt like I let somebody down because I did not even post a blog
About National Women’s History Month ‘cause I was too busy (still)
Inhaling the whiff of my own mama’s strength.


Michelle Obama, mothers, daughters, sisters, grannies, aunties, sheroes,
Been-there-when-we-were-called-negroes, cotton pickers,
Lucille, Maya, Pearl S. Buck, Mary McLeod Bethune and Victoria Claflin Woodhull...

Let me stop and wrap myself in the glory of “my” Laura Chinchilla.

Nah, I don’t feel bad about not at least mentioning National Women’s History Month,
‘Cause I realized that I was already seeking knowledge at that party,
I am that party, we are that party, “y’all” just tardy.

Just ranting and definitley NOT hating on National Women's History Month.

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@DrPostALot tweeted a link to this Def Poetry jam video featuring MC Lyte with her spoken word piece entitled "I Was Born". There are links at the end to other featured guests on the show such as Common and Jill Scott. This might be a REPEAT to some of you poetry and spoken word lovers, I'm still a rookie exploring and cultivating my craft. But please enjoy. In the meantime... brownsugatou is still here!

P.S. someone left a comment regarding setting up a G-mail account. Please, just go to to register an account. Hopefully that answers your question. If not brownsugatou is still here :-)

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