Did Siedah Garrett write the song, "Man In The Mirror" specifically for a boy named Chris Brown or what?

This video has been removed due to copyright laws. brown ;-)

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If you scroll waaaaaaay to the bottom of my blog you'll see the Feedjit Widget which I've dubbed the Melting Pot. The Feedjit Widget tracks the location of all visitors who visit my blog. My website traffic is always in the slow lane, however that is not why I blog. I've mentioned before that I was grateful to have had only ONE admirer (non other than Mr. Mac Walton, R.I.P.) of my blog when I first got started. That one admirer is the reason why I keep blogging and keep writing. New bloggers don't give up. But today I wanted to say THANK YOU and send some viral hugs to the people who follow brownsugatou and stop by to visit. It's not about the quantity of blog traffic, but the quality of the... ahhhhh, you finish the cliche. Thank you. ;;))

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I wrote and posted this poem last year...

"The Gloved One... A Loved One"

You still bad.

The whole world is mourning you,
Like you were ALL we had.

Yeah, the music died yesterday,
And was resurrected by memories
That you gave.

The 60's, 70's, 80's....
New millennium, infinity.

The Blueprint for music videos -
You authored.

A pied piper of music for many generations,
You got my grannie through, pulled my mama through,
Me through...
And now my six year old is rockin' with you too.

You taught us that being black
AND eclectic was a perfect match.

Struggle with a class act -
Mmmmm... you authored that too.

A lil' man wearin' James Brown's shoes
ABC'in and tweet, tweet, tweetin'.

Out of the J-Five,
YOU were all the way live!

The super fro, the jheri curl,
The uncurled curl, and those
Sequinned suits....

And yes...
The Moonwalk
The Glove.
Now try to trademark or copyright that!

We devoured it all Mike.

So, am I selfish when I say
50 years was not enough?
Shit, 30+ years (my time)
Of being in a
Michael Joseph Jackson
Musically induced coma
WILL make you stop thinking
Outside yourself...
Especially when it was just

... and now you're at peace.

Copyright 2009

C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

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On this Father's Day,
As I look at the reflection in my mirror,
My confident image poses uncomfortably.
Each year I'm reminded that I'm scarred.
And nothing can make up for being scarred.
I was just a living accessory to your hate - her.
And innocently guilty of what I knew - love.
Divorced parents - he walked and stayed absent.
A victim of love? Label me that too.
But I'm the wannabe architect of love,
Shared between a man and a woman,
With a hole in my soul
That bears your resemblance - Daddy.
So, I'll just continue to suck it up, not fuck it up.
And learn to give and demand better - love.

Copyright 2010

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Wets you with an ancient tidal wave of pain,
Kisses you with a fresh hint of solitude,
And leaves you pan handling for a hug.

Copyright 2010

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This post has been edited to include one of the first poems that I read by Tupac - "The Rose That Grew From The Concrete". ... "Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams..."

Did you hear about the rose that grew
from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it
learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams,
it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else ever cared.

by Tupac Shakur

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Each one teach one.
Poet's mission is fueled by passion

Newspaper: Entertainment - News Observer.com

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Wow.... I am still at odds with my own thoughts on this video (see below) from cnn.com about the controversial pictures of supermodel Claudia Schiffer in "blackface" (a style of entertainment that was historically popular in minstrel shows used to perpetuate black stereotypes). The photos were taken in 2007 by celebrity designer Karl Largerfield and published in British magazine Stern Fotographie. When I saw the pictures I didn't get the impression that Carl Largefield's intent was to stereotype black women, thus I have to agree with super model Roshumba Williams comments - it's artistic. HOWEVER, I do have an issue with Claudia's skin being slightly darkened. How come she just couldn't rock the afro puff and celebrate the glory of a sista's natural hair? I've always wondered why its acceptable for black women to purchase straight beautiful looking hair but we don't see white women walking around this earth with afro puffs or anything that emulates black women's hairstyles? Is my black not beautiful? I'm a proud nappy headed wearing black woman. The women in my family have historically worn wigs and weaves. Take notice of my lack of criticism in regards to black women wearing weaves. It's just disturbing that the acceptance of black people's natural looks are so underrated. Racism is the biggest doo doo stain that never left America. And it's even more disturbing that our society still can't accept themselves either. "Pimp My Body" (plastic surgery, face lifts, long held standards of beauty, etc) is a mentality and another doo doo stain that will never leave America also. Is my black not beautiful? Are you not beautiful?

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The words I want to express
Are chained to a rusty lock,
Quieted by your
Childish games -
And disregarded by
The petty actions
Of those other names

When I step in love,
You call it disdain.
When I act for us,
I’m a selfish

I go left,
You go right.

But out of love,
I patiently wait for
You to recognize the
The stupidity of your reflection…

‘Cause, its out of love...
That I accept the beauty in your reflection.

Copyright 2010

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There’s a King somewhere
Alone, woman-starved and
In a constant mental funk.
Married to his own love gluttony
Committing a slow suicide…

There‘s a Queen somewhere…
Pregnant with selfish.
Abandoned, companionless.
Mated to family, work, & friends,
Committing a slow suicide…

Copyright 2010

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Just expanding a little bit here. But I've finally opened up a Cafe Press store. Here you'll find brownsugatou t-shirts along with quotes from my collection of poems. I currently have available a basic brownsugatou t-shirts and a shirt with a quote from the poem I recently wrote "L-O-V-E Arithmetic". Below is the link to the CafePress shop and in the meantime I'll keep putting my P.O.D. designing skills to build on the selections.

I love you Friday... blessings!

Come visit my store on CafePress!

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