The words I want to express
Are chained to a rusty lock,
Quieted by your
Childish games -
And disregarded by
The petty actions
Of those other names

When I step in love,
You call it disdain.
When I act for us,
I’m a selfish

I go left,
You go right.

But out of love,
I patiently wait for
You to recognize the
The stupidity of your reflection…

‘Cause, its out of love...
That I accept the beauty in your reflection.

Copyright 2010

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One Responses to "Out of Love"

  1. YaGirlNextDoor says:

    Wow, I lost count how many times I have experienced "Out of Love" but I know I join a thousand others who have too. Beautiful.

  1. brownsugatou says:

    Thank you for reading and sharing your experience... this poem was based on a real life experience with someone I love dearly... sometimes you have to let them go through whatever they are going through and still continue to love on them!

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