If you scroll waaaaaaay to the bottom of my blog you'll see the Feedjit Widget which I've dubbed the Melting Pot. The Feedjit Widget tracks the location of all visitors who visit my blog. My website traffic is always in the slow lane, however that is not why I blog. I've mentioned before that I was grateful to have had only ONE admirer (non other than Mr. Mac Walton, R.I.P.) of my blog when I first got started. That one admirer is the reason why I keep blogging and keep writing. New bloggers don't give up. But today I wanted to say THANK YOU and send some viral hugs to the people who follow brownsugatou and stop by to visit. It's not about the quantity of blog traffic, but the quality of the... ahhhhh, you finish the cliche. Thank you. ;;))

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  1. Dasuntoucha says:

    ...it's not the quantity but the quality...say WORD sis...ONE::

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