Come on now, let me get it in…
Stop because it might hurt.
No one will hear,
Unless you THINK its gone hurt?

I know I’m big and all,
No ego.
But you know my reputation.
I can fertilize your garden and
Sprout us some seeds -
Little brown me’s and
Little brown you's.

Are you ready to do this?
I need you…
To be the example.

Remember my name is Love
And I want you bareback,
Soul-confident and unprotected.
I’ll be gentle
With the walls you’ve erected.

And Miss, its not like we just met.
So, let me slide in,
Be an asset to your universe.
You a class act,
And I want to follow.
Even if I have to wait
For an eternity to burst…

Trust me,
I got you…
Love’s got you.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010 Posted in | | 2 Comments »

One Responses to "When Love Speaks To Me"

  1. L@dy Express!ons says:

    Wow. I never read a poem like this. I like it. Love can feel right but at the same time what seems to feel like genuine love can only blind us to just feeling used. Real intriguing.

  1. dieselfromthad says:

    I absolutely fell in love with this poem... so great a emotion love is... this is why I still believe in it.... great piece..

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