I thought I heard Erykah Badu's voice covering Muddy Water's (also see below) "Mannish Boy" in this commercial for H & M...

For your pleasure (and its definitely a pleasure for me too because I LOOOOOVE this song) here is a video of the late Muddy Waters singing "Mannish Boy" with the Rolling Stones (Checkerboard Lounge, Chi-Town, 1981)... Ooooooooohhhh Yeah!!!

Muddy Waters on Wikipedia

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One Responses to "My Monday Waters Blues"

  1. Dasuntoucha says:

    You've been tagged...


    check it out!

  1. WordsPoeticallyWorth says:

    An amusing caricature picture, with a pleasant verse to compliment its humour.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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