No, no, no... I am not referring to Jill Scott (you know she bad). I was just looking for a regular old image today until I came across this artwork of Jill Scott (Hate On Me) by Steven Lopez from his "After Midnight Series". All I can say is WOW!! The series also includes Tina Turner, Erykah Badu, Chaka Kahn, and India Arie. It somewhat fits my short poem below "Vainglorious Waste".  If you really want to read some great poetry that includes true visual inspiration, may I suggest you check out poet Mase Da Ruler at his blog A Ruler's Kingdom. And, learn about his desire, to impact youth with his #WriteOrDie movement. 

Artwork by: Steven Lopez - Jill Scott "Hate On Me"

Lightweight expression...

On some days,
I tiptoe
Preferring NOT to
Do this dance.

Watch me -
As I strut,
It/you don't exist.

Follow my smirk.

For Lip prints:
Down the "street" -
(Align ya eyes
Suck it in),
U-turn at
My Thick End.

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One Responses to "A Vainglorious Waste"

  1. Dasuntoucha says:

    U-turn at My Thick End...

    ...well alright now :-)

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