Just randomly writing today...

"Finish me!" cried this poem.

Dig up all your hopes, dreams, pangs,
Sorrows, first times, and sugar coated secrets.

"Finish me off but leave me
The inheritance of your remaining chapters!"

Unleash your gift, be the lifeline to
Someone's heart, and water down
The embers of their sloooow burn.

"Finish me, but allow the beauty of
Your reincarnated words to
Live eternally through me."

The End...

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One Responses to "THE END"

  1. YaGirlNextDoor says:

    wow. I hear these words every time I look in my book "Finish Me". You have such a knack for turning the simplest phrases to something so poetic. This is why I follow.

  1. Eqlektik says:

    "Finish me" but my end is only a beginning.

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