brownsugatou is taking advantage of some well deserved quiet time these days... (my son is the one on vacation) and I'm doing my best to cure my writer's block also. Enjoy!

The mood... it just IS.

The AC caresses, cools, my soft skin.

My carpet beckons the company of my pretty brown feet.

And the couch is my silent partner, and remains my biggest supporter.

Birds are chirping, a futile attempt to black hole my space.

While the walls of my living room struggle

To ear hustle on my thoughts and gossip about my peace.

All spirits that lived here before me.

Tiptoe around me

And whisper,

"Shhhh" let her rest."

Eyes adrift.

Senses undisturbed.

Breathing is balanced.

As I sit content,

And face to face

With the essence of my own presence.

It's just me and my lonely.

C. Thomas a.k.a brownsugatou
Copyright 2009
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