Did you say, "how did brownsugatou come to this conclusion?"

My son was outside playing with his friend David the other day.

David knocked on the door, I open it and my son was in tears. His friend says "Armand called me a preschooler!" Armand initially tried to deny it, started crying again then admitted that he called David a preschooler (David is in the 2nd grade by the way). I talked to Armand about calling his friend a name then made him apologize.

However, the real question in my mind was why did Armand call David a preschooler in the first place?

Answer: David called him a first grader.(????) However, Armand IS in the 1st grade.

Turns out, Armand was trying to impress a friend, a girl, who happens to be in the 3rd grade by telling her that he's also in the 3rd grade. So, his ego got bruised when David called him - a 1st grader.

I'm just sayin', men don't lie about their age!

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