This poem was written by a rising poet and spoken word artist who has graced these pages before. brownsugatou is more than honored to share his gift and his work with you again. Think of this piece as a poetical reminder that stagnation is not an option. Ladies and gentlemen - Jason Mars.

"Wrote a riot today, captured the burning of building that boast understanding. Jotted Juliard on the page, in other words I captured the pen." - Jason Mars


"You were once a pretty puzzle.
What made you this shriveled riddle of ridicule?
Pitiful in every sense of the word.
You went from masterpiece to travesty.
Casually becoming a casualty to time.
Gradually traveling from the safe haven of your mind.

Time has a way of creeping into a bright room
And slowly dimming the lights.
Death crept in killing your youth,
Your blind eyed optimism, replacing it with elderly judgment.

Time manipulates thought processes
Into processing thoughts in a different manner.
You now manage your failures by prematurely counting others out.
You fell victim to doubt, this monster that disguised herself as concern.
You now see young love as a means to aged let downs.
You see a smile as nothing more than the bars that cage ill intent.
You went from must get, to being content.

Time has a way of trapping ones wants, slowly urging neglect.
It slowly wraps reality around the neck like a noose.
You retire after you tire from your attempt at getting loose.
This trap is set in one’s own mind,
We learn to focus on time,
Rather than what we can do during the time we are given.

Clocks corrupt the carefree world that we live in.
And you are now a victim who fell from grace,
Please regain your footing before it's too late."

Copyright 2009
Jason Mars
All Rights Reserved

Now seriously folks, what have you done lately? Remember, stagnation is not an option.
Jason Mars has spoken .

For more on this rising poet and spoken word artist,
Visit his youtube page at:
Or see the Q& A w/ Jason Mars: Jason Mars Q & A.

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