Heart races.
I'm scared.
Breathing shortened.
Nah, it's still there.

Thank God I'm me.
But afraid of what
YOU want, need, and think
I might be.

Pure hesitancy
I smell.
The joy and possible
Satisfaction I bring to you,
You inhale.

Still I'm runnin'.
Runnin' from a ball of emotions.
These chains of irrationality.
This weight of anxiety,
As I imagine me leave
My complacency.

But what if I walk with Him
And believe?

Increase my faith and
Supress my doubts?

Choke back these tears
And cuddle up with victory?

Focus on the amazing things
He sees in me?

This poem hasn't happened yet.
'Cause I'm still runnin'.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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