Hailing from Dallas, TX, spoken word artist Jason Mars is ready to start a movement that also encompasses a group of other artists identifying themselves as the "New Talented Tenth". And his riveting spoken word piece "I Write America" (see above) tells you why this young brother will make his mark in the spoken word arena and beyond. But just who is Jason Mars? Come on, follow along... and let him tell you in this brief Q & A session.

Q: How would you describe your style of spoken word?
A: My style is actually an even mixture of poetry and spoken word. For every performance piece I write a piece that can be read by an audience.

Q: You mentioned that you just got serious about the impact of words. What inspired you to write poetry and get into spoken word? When did you make the transition from just writing to take yourself and your work seriously as an artist
A: I have been writing for 6yrs since I was 15, I just started performing when I realized that I could captivate an audience. The opportunity to move crowds with words that I concocted was incredible to me. Writing was an outlet at a young age age and as I wrote more and more I developed a better grasp of word play and skills to structure poems. I just recently took it serious when I started to get good feedback.

Q: What venues have you recently performed at? Any future shows planned
A: I performed for the first time at Sankofa in Dallas.... I am moving to California to set up a couple shows that I can frequent. I am looking to put on my own shows in California in the next 3 months.

Q: Where can spoken word fans see your work?
A: The best place to find my work is youtube.com/jadenallen

Q: What projects are you currently working on?
A: Future projects include a weekly poetry show, an art/poetry fusion
show (insane) a book of poetry that will include the reasons behind
the poems so that I stay true to my work.

Q: Can you elaborate more on your "movement" and explain who the "new" Talented Tenth are?
A: The movement is a group of individuals who have a message to share and do so through the arts movement: poetry/spoken word, painting,sketching etc... The young anti-apathy movement. Talented tenth is the spin off of the movement from the days of the Harlem Renaissance.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your spoken word piece "I Write America".
A: "I Write America" was inspired by life... I just wanted to break down the colors of the flag and give them meaning. An honest meaning in my

Q: One year ago you were...?
A: One year ago I was writing and waiting on everyone's approval until I realized that if it is truly from a genuine place then people will
flock to it.

Q: Ten years from now you will...?
A: Ten years from now I will have published at least 3 books, written 4 plays, 3 screen plays, and will be known for contributing something positive to my community and leading by example.

Q: Why do you feel it's important to share your work with others?
A: I feel like it is important to share my work because I have the
ability to creatively convey messages and express the emotions of my
people, my generation.

Jason Mars has spoken. But he ain't done yet.

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