Jonesin'...(Take 125th St. and Detour Pass Amazing)

I be Jonesin'.
Jonesin' for his poetical words
That be flowin'.

Page after page,
He performs lyrical stunts
And rhyming acrobatics.

As I sip on the soul of
His verbal aphrodisiacs.

When his poetry kisses my skin,
Nibblin' at the earlobes of this
Black womb(man),
It leaves me breathless.
His metaphors, words, and verbs,
Got me on some next shhhhhh...

I be Jonesin'.
Jonesin for his poetical words,
They be flowin'.

An ordained listener.
He's been captivated by the
Beauty of our essence.
For stretches of long years...
May I suggest you absorb
"Black Women Cry Purple Tears".

So can you understand,
The beautiful state of bliss that I am in?

The reasons why I cherish
Each well crafted verse?
Originating from a gifted mind.

My heart is connected.
And forever mesmerized by his
Oratorical Universe.

I be Jonesin'.
Jonesin' for his poetical words.
Yeah, I be floatin'.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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