Baby mama blues, single mama blues, worker bee blues.... who am I kidding? I don't have much to write really. Although my frustration, my desire to vent, to squelch my anger, led me to this laptop to this blog to these typed letters. Thought I was going to write a new poem entitled "Unleashed" because that's just how I'm feeling right now. A strong desire to unleash my emotions, feelings and thoughts. My Tweet this morning said "I'm preparing for the monster that consumes me - work."... Next time I know not to lay the ground work for a negative day. A situation at work IS what sparked my current mood... and I wish it would just go away, however I know I have to think this out in a rational way and remain focused. The hell with that too... brown is just in need of a hug. Have you had your hug today?
Oh wow... before I could hit "Publish Post" my son just handed me an I-was-suppose-to-give-you-this-card-on-Mother's-Day-card-but-didn't... and it's one of those singing cards... the song is entitled "I Still Hear Mama Praying for Me" - by Chester D. T. Baldwin. He (my son) is my #1 fan and I am his #1 fan! That's all that matters right now... Have you had your hug today? Peace and Blessings, brown-.

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