A self-respecting King inspired me to write this poem . I've shared this piece online over at www.okayplayer.com, Facebook and with some of my offline friends. A friend asked me over at Facebook "Women just want to be respected right?" in response to this poem. My answer to that was respected and for some women "corrected' on how to be respected. Wasn't my thoughts when this poem was initially written...I guess that's why I knew there would always be a part (2), hence the title.
A certain celebrity got me to thinking about the issue of respect. I wrapped my eyes around his words or his tweets on Twitter the other night as I witnessed him sell himself sexually to women in order to market his CD on Twitter. Happens all the time but it was just something uncomfortable about a celebrity telling women, fans, and the men who follow you on Twitter that you are "horny" (exact word used). Has a ton of followers and all the time I'm thinking "this is T_ _ _ _ _ to the em-f _ _ _ _ _ N and he can saaaaang!" Just puzzled as to why he felt the need to do that on Twitter. So much craziness online. To that celebrity..."Physical Presents" can be unraveled and tasted tastefully and still be satisfying. I think your fans love and respect you because you are you! Kings AND Queens...... respect and love each other totally. Take the time to slowly unravel each other. Enjoy part (1)!
Peace and Blessings,

Physical Presence vs. Physical Presents (1)

Hey you,
Why you fixin’ yo’

I’m amazing I know.
But you gaze at what I
Don’t prefer you to see.
(At least not initially)

To zone in on
This beautiful creation,
This mother,
This Black Goddess,
This Queen!
That gave birth to “we”.
I set the boundaries
When it comes to visual
Intimacy with me.

My eyes are

I see the Professor did
On how to properly
“Kiss” my black skin,
The skin of black women.

You didn’t even notice
Or even care that
I’m infinitely sexy

Or maybe,
Possess the stamina
And required patience
To tactfully seek and
Unravel the bow
My pres-ence,
My es-sence,
My pres-ents,
My es-sence.

© 2009 C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

A black woman and her poetry

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