Brownsugatou is joining other bloggers around the nation to bring awareness to world hunger. Go to, save a badge, head right back to your blog and post up! I am sharing some links to websites that address solutions to world hunger and a new poem I wrote entitled Sacrifice in honor of today's online event. I am also including a link to an article written a while back by Dave Newhouse about Mary Ann Wright or "Mother Wright". If you are from Oakland, CA my hometown, I don't think I have to say anymore. When I think of someone dedicating their life to feed the souls of others Mother Wright is the first person that I think of. Enjoy!

Action Against Hunger
World Hunger Year

Mother Wright


Impoverished is impoverished is impoverished.
Whether you are white, black, or "wrong"
Or purple, pink and "strong".

My hunger, your hunger
Is our hunger.
What? You thought it was a color?

A lower rung on the "ladder"?
A dirty hand attached to a
Tin cup on the corner?
An electronic food stamp?
Me passing' up two meals for another?

It is being "food insecure".
(Thanks U.S.D.A.)
It is earning a living with the undesirable
need to beg, borrow, and go without-
Food or PG &E?
Food or bus fare?
Food or health?
What will my choice be today?

Work shoes or no food?
Co-pay or no food?
Stay employed AND go hungry?
Stay employed AND go hungry?
Stay employed AND go hungry?



(c) 2009
C. Thomas a.k.a. brownsugatou

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  1. MacDaddy

    Good post. Good poem. Yes, I'll check it out. Thanks.

  1. brownsugatou

    MacDaddy thank you for checking out this post.... good cause and a good reason to blog and write poetry.

  1. Guest

    No problem. I worked in no profits for years. Before starting my own copy, I worked with a number of black agencies in the twin cities. All of them fed the hungry. People just dropped by when their food stamps and the food from the food shelves gave out. But we always used food to see if we could help them get a job. Sometimes, all they needed was childcare or transportation for two weeks until they got their first paycheck. Some would drop by to pay us back for a bus card or for food, which we couldn't accept. But we were glad to help them, because a lot of us had been there too. Blessings.

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