When will the the violence stop? In these hard economic times a better question might be when will the madness stop? When will we start having hope and faith again? Entire families are being eradicated in the form of senseless killings. Innocent bystanders, men in blue, immigrants - the latest headlines. While the old "violent" headlines remain the same - war and no peace in the Middle East and on these streets. Yes, times are tough but where is the hope, where is the faith, what about trying to keep it together? I remember patiently standing in the free cheese line, free peanut butter line, food stamp line, check cashing line, and yes the line of hope and faith. I'm still here and I didn't have the greatest begininngs. And yes, then I was somebody's child - brown skinned, kinky hair, ponytails, Angela Davis gap, and yep grilled cheese and peanut butter cookies made me thick around these hips. But never mind all that, I AM somebody's child.

Somebody’s Child

Somebody’s child didn’t live to see daylight.
Somebody’s child didn’t get a chance to
Say “I love you” last night.

Somebody’s child never returned home.
And who knows where he may roam,

Or not?

Somebody’s child didn’t take her first step.
Because somebody’s child took their last breath.

Dedicated to yours, ours, mine, and the “village“.
Please stop the killing.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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