Earlier this evening on my Facebook page I wrote...

I am me and not "society". Words to some poetry are brewing here... Write Now, Right Now! is my motto because I'm a fool for impatience sometimes. One day I will be a patient wordsmith like UniverSouLove, gifted like Taalam, and speak eloquently like T.D. Jakes. That's not the poem, but I'm just sayin'...

So good to be me, so good to be free, and not choked by what others might want me to be. This piece actually started with me and a funky drum beat in my head. I don't know lately I've been writing pieces to my own mental music. I experienced these same feelings when I wrote "Can I Love You and Hip Hop Too?" (see below) and "My Black Man" (which I have not shared with the world yet). However, I am still a P.I.P. a Poetess In Progress... enjoy!


Silky fine hair
You can take it.

Man made nose?
You can run with it.

Friday’s facade?
Please kill it.

I’ll freak it.

Mountainous bosom?
I was born with it.

Come inside your mold?
I ain’t havin’it.

My twisted kinky hair?
Always down with it.

Lumpy thick hips?
Can you handle it?

Social expectations?
You know what you
Can do with it.

Copyright 2009 C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou

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One Responses to "I Am Me, Not "Society""

  1. MacDaddy says:

    Stirring. Audacious.

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