Wow.... I am still at odds with my own thoughts on this video (see below) from about the controversial pictures of supermodel Claudia Schiffer in "blackface" (a style of entertainment that was historically popular in minstrel shows used to perpetuate black stereotypes). The photos were taken in 2007 by celebrity designer Karl Largerfield and published in British magazine Stern Fotographie. When I saw the pictures I didn't get the impression that Carl Largefield's intent was to stereotype black women, thus I have to agree with super model Roshumba Williams comments - it's artistic. HOWEVER, I do have an issue with Claudia's skin being slightly darkened. How come she just couldn't rock the afro puff and celebrate the glory of a sista's natural hair? I've always wondered why its acceptable for black women to purchase straight beautiful looking hair but we don't see white women walking around this earth with afro puffs or anything that emulates black women's hairstyles? Is my black not beautiful? I'm a proud nappy headed wearing black woman. The women in my family have historically worn wigs and weaves. Take notice of my lack of criticism in regards to black women wearing weaves. It's just disturbing that the acceptance of black people's natural looks are so underrated. Racism is the biggest doo doo stain that never left America. And it's even more disturbing that our society still can't accept themselves either. "Pimp My Body" (plastic surgery, face lifts, long held standards of beauty, etc) is a mentality and another doo doo stain that will never leave America also. Is my black not beautiful? Are you not beautiful?

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