I met a woman today who moved me to write about the topic of this brief post. This woman with all her setbacks in life, reminded me of the importance and value of saying thank you. As well as, humbling myself in times when I might have taken blessings for granted. She has put her own issues (mental and physical) to the side to assist her son and his daughter. And her son is doing the right thing - he's a working man (and he gives his mama roses each week too). However, what does doing the right thing truly mean in the hearts of America's working poor?
Perhaps in due time their interdependence and connectedness can be enjoyed in an even more meaningful and fun way. As I could tell there is still turmoil in her "obligation" to give.
This experience (listening to her current life story) made me realize how truly blessed my son and I are to have my mother as a child care provider (and then some) for a second time around. And to that, Mama, I just want to say (and I have said) thank you -thank you for teaching me the importance of stepping outside myself to give, share, and help out others who are in need. I've always known how truly great you are but today I could feel what it was like to walk in your "soles" and be reminded of your beautiful "soul". If you haven't already, go out and thank someone today!

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  1. MacDaddy says:

    I will. Thanks

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