Let's see here it was 2002, and I was feeding off the hip hop vibe of my love, my boo, my soulmate at the time (we are no longer and but WE wish each other well). He's an underground hip hop legend in his town. That makes my son the Son Of and Underground Legend. And that made me one of the First Ladies of Hip Hop... all of us don't rap y'all. He's aware that our relationship gave me miles of content for my poetry. He completed his first solo album after the demise of our relationship that included a song that was about both of his ex-Queens. So, I'd call it somewhat even, but more importantly he used his song as a tool to address what he felt. I've used my poetry in the same way. This piece is one of my dud's but it's still special to me because I lived it. THIS IS NOT POETRY, but you couldn't tell me nothin' when I wrote it! So, Mr. Sandman please be kind.

The FIRST Ladies of Hip Hop
No, I‘m not talking about the female rhymers
But, the WOMEN who are the "strong woman" beside the "strong man"
In this dirt hustling sh*t!!!!
We put up with the traveling from city to city,
The "baby I got a show tonight" and “stop worryin about the underground groupies”
"I was in the lab writing' rhymes, that's why I missed your call, sh*t,!
“Oh I forgot I gots studio time tonight, can I getta a rain check
On the punanny 'til Friday night?”
“You wanna hit this blunt with me and my crew?”
“Stop tripping the weed smoke won't get in yo business suit!”
“Anyway why you working for corporate white amerikka?”
“I’m not trying to work a 9 to 5... sh*t I write rhymes!!!!!,
“Hell I don't know what happen to your Puffy CD!”
“Woman I love the h-e-l-l out of you,
'Cause I'm gonna make it big, marry you
(And my rhymes), you just wait and see!."
Don't forget to give it up to WOMEN who stand by you in this rap ‘ish!

(c) 2002 brownsugatou

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