Loc'd, weaved, straight, nappy.
Permed, colored, texturized.
Unleash our natural gifts
And still be beautiful?

I'm nappy and happy.
I'm happy because I am nappy.
Becoming nappy has set ME free.
There is no hijacked image here 
Because I'm afraid to do me. 
Read: I'm not afraid to do me.

Word to the Toni Braxtons.
Who keep it
Short, cropped, weaved OR unweaved.
You too exude a certain freedom
In you HAIR beauty,
And no FEAR with your versatility.

So, whether you buy it, or keep it real.
Dye it, but still don't understand the big deal. 

Know this Sista,
Society cannot mold or shape
The REAL you.

Express freedom
And not their hate for you.

Copyright 2012

Photo Credit: www.blacklikemoi.com
"Natural Hair Dolls" Collection By: Karen Byrd
Also See: www.naturalgirlsunited.com 

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