Unforgiven Business Part Deux

Sista, let me tame that flame
That wanes in your silent eyes.
Can I tenderly kiss each soft
Brown subject of your being,
That has been hijacked,
Stolen, and objectified?

Allow me to say sorry,
Without you labeling me
A "sorry ass muthaf*cka."
And willingly accept my plea to
Want to work it out.

'Cause I just can't stand,
I just can't stand,
To look at you like that...
A wounded pillar of salt,
Sitting defeated,
Of our red sea.

But, if you ain't talkin' to me,
If you just ain't talkin' to me ...

Can you spare an ounce of
Forgiveness for both of OUR
Weathered hearts?

Copyright 2011

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One Responses to "Forgiven?"

  1. Dasuntoucha says:

    I've definitely been here...your wordplay drives this piece home for me...felt.

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