I was really inspired to write this... sometimes feelings cannot be exhibited due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time - but I was feeling this. Enjoy!

Homeboy Get Outta My Ear

The bass in your voice is
Paralyzin' my ears.
You are the Help Desk Techie and
I am the Brownsuga in cubicle world
That got connect-ed to you!

"Now... what is your Workstation ID number AGAIN?"
Oh lord! Please, not today -
A repeat offense AGAIN!
The vibration in that voice
Is causing a war between
My need to maintain
Some professionalism and
Throwing all caution
To the wind.

Let's just say I might get
Wrote up for my untamed discipline!
As I take deep shallow
Breathes between the
Delivery of your words
And calculated pauses.

"Uh...let's see Miss...
I'll try to unlock that password."
Nooo, just stop saying wrappin'
That voice around my ears,
'Cause You know yo' shit sounds sexy.
And I can feel your heat -
You grinnin' ear to ear,
Very aware of the position
You put me in, very aware Of the positions
I thought about being in.

"And your ticket number is..."
Says the voice of soft teasing and kind torture.
"Okay, I have it written down."
Says the brownsuga needing a cold shower..
More than she is needing her job at the moment.

by brownsugatou
copyright 2011

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