1. Drink responsibly, drive sober, and take somebody's keys away if need be.

2. Mind your own business: someone else's infidelity, poor cooking, bad ass kids and child discipline skills are NOT your demons. Just leave it alone!!!

3. On some days, your ish does stink, so bringing just yourself and empty hands to the BBQ is FOUL - stay home, watch a re-run of the BET Awards and channel Chris Brown - "I promise I won't let y'all down again."

4. Focus, focus, focus! Checking out the scene with one eye half way open & snickering in the moment for no apparent reason, while saying grace over the ribs is foul too. Think - choking on an unblessed rib vs. licking BBQ sauce off your fingers with a peace of mind? Sorry, Allstate don't have ya' back here!

5. And last but not least embrace without reservation! - If Grannie's hair is dyed jet blue, Uncle Peanut is diggin' an alternate lifestyle, there's a sudden Kool-Aid shortage, Aunt Pam is creeping like a cougar and cousin Tammy is throwin' tofu on the grill - just shut up and thank God for the opportunity to share in their experiences.

Happy 4th of July ya'll! I'll let Tony Toni Tone close out my very brief rant with "The Blues". brownsugatou wants you to spend time with you too.... but please "be nice or leave."

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